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Owners of Maplewell Hall buried in St Paul's graveyard

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Owners of Maplewell Hall who are buried in St Paul's churchyard

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With kind thanks to Darren Harris

William Unwin Heygate had the Hall built in 1864-5 and owned it until 1868. His gravestone stands against the wall at the back of the churchyard.

Charles Ashton owned the Hall 1868-75. He funded the chancel extension of St.Paul’s Church in 1871 in memory of his wife Ada Mary, at a cost of over £1000. He also dedicated the East window of the church to her memory, the first stained glass window to be placed in the church (1880).

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Gravestone of William Unwin Heygate
and his wife Constance Mary

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Graves of Emma and William Salt
in St Paul's graveyard

Sir William Henry Salt (Baronet) who owned the Hall from 1875 to 1892 is buried along with his wife, Emma Dove Octavian Salt (née Harris) at the rear of the church below the windows of the South Transept (Sir William paid for this to be built in 1880). Lady Emma’s gravestone shows the date of her death as July 1st 1905, but her death certificate confirms this is incorrect and should read July 1st 1904.

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St Paul's lectern, donated by William Henry Salt

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Commemorative window to Bohun Henry Chandler Fox

The Fox family owned Maplewell Hall from 1900 until 1946. Bohun Henry Chandler Fox, his wife and two of his three daughters are buried across the road from the church in the cemetery extension. Their plot is in the far corner as you look towards the cemetery from the church, and is marked by a large Celtic cross. A commemorative stained glass window in the church was paid for by his daughters.